What is the size of a pickleball court?

What is the size of a pickleball court?

Pickleball's popularity is skyrocketing! This exciting paddle sport provides the ideal mix of fun, competition, and exercise - something we hope to help with here - but before diving in headfirst onto a court or playing surface we must first understand its dimensions and markings before heading onto our courts to play! What is the size of a pickleball court?

Official Pickleball Court: An Ideal Rectangle of Play 

USA Pickleball has designated their official pickleball court with a rectangular playing surface measuring 44 feet by 20 feet wide; that equates to approximately 880 square feet (81.8 square meters) where players can engage their competitive spirits on this sport of 16-foot by 18-foot dimensions.

Understanding Your Pickleball Court Map

Pickleball courts aren't simply blank spaces - they are marked with lines to guide play. Here is an outline of all of the essential ones you may encounter during gameplay:

  • Baseline and Sidelines: These boundary lines indicate the outer limits of the court; any action beyond these marks is considered a fault.
  • Centerline: This line divides it in half equally between serving and non-serving sides to facilitate scoring opportunities on either end of it.
  • Non-Volley Line: Commonly known as the kitchen line, this zone sits 7 feet (2.13 meters) from both centerlines on either side of the net and prohibits players from engaging in any volleying action - that is hitting a tennis ball before it bounces - within it.
  • Service Lines: Service lines run parallel to the net four feet (1.22 meters) inside of its baseline to create designated serving areas on both sides.
  • Net Height: The net serves as an integral divider between both teams and stands 36 inches (91.4 centimeters) at its center, gradually rising toward its edges.

Court Cousins: Comparing Sizes

Pickleball courts share some similarities with their court cousins such as doubles badminton courts in terms of size; however, tennis courts tend to offer significantly more expansive playing surfaces and spaces than pickleball courts do.

Not All Courts Are Created Equal: Variations for Different Play

While these dimensions represent official regulation measurements, slight variances might exist on some courts to allow for optimal competitive matches. Keeping in mind these dimensions, however, slight modifications must exist on certain courts based on local play needs and regulation sizes may ensure optimal conditions on specific courts.

Backyard Dreams: Setting Up Your Pickleball Court

Once you know the dimensions for your pickleball court, knowing its dimensions is only step one in setting it up successfully! Be sure to factor in other elements like surface type (concrete or asphalt) and net system as well. GatorStrike offers premium pickleball accessories from precision striker paddles to premium carbon fiber options that can increase your game experience - you can even outfit entire courts!

GatorStrike is your one-stop shop for everything pickleball-related. Choose from our impressive selection of paddles, nets, and accessories to turn your backyard into the ideal environment to practice this wonderful sport!

Final Thoughts

Now you are equipped with all of the knowledge about pickleball court size, markings, and even backyard court considerations! Take out your GatorStrike paddle, hit up the court, and enjoy all that pickleball has to offer - whether online or locally in your community some resources can assist with learning the ropes or finding local courts nearby so serve, volley, and enjoy yourself on pickleball!

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