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GatorStike RPX8 Paddle

GatorStike RPX8 Paddle

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The GATORSTRIKE RPX8 Paddle is unmatched in quality with its T800 (18K) carbon surface and is the only paddle you will ever need. For individuals that require the highest level of performance, power, and accuracy, this paddle is the best option available on the market.

The eagerly awaited GATORSTRIKE RPX8 CFS 16 paddle, the GATORSTRIKE RPX8 Carbon Friction Surface 16mm Carbon Fiber Paddle, masterfully combines power and precision to help you unleash your full potential on the court.

Weighing in at 8.0 ounces, this paddle features a robust elongated shape paired with a substantial yet responsive 16mm (0.63") core. The 11" by 7.5" Carbon Friction Surface and a 5.5" long handle contribute to the elongated design, enhancing leverage and power.

The thick core and rigid "GATORGRIP" carbon fiber face work together to create a slightly prolonged ball compression, aiding in ball control and adding spin to keep it within the court boundaries. The two-handed-friendly handle, wrapped in the tacky Sure Grip, synergizes with the elongated shape to boost swing speed for powerful drives and overhead shots.

The core of the GATORSTRIKE RPX8 is a 16mm core reactive honeycomb polymer, which is the key to its exceptional control and elongated power. This core utilizes a honeycomb structure with injected quickstrike foam around the edges and thermoformed construction to effectively combine pop with vibration dampening.

The GATORSTRIKE RP8 Carbon Friction Surface also provides a generous sweet spot, enabling precise dinking, control of passing shots, and the ability to place returns deep into the court. Additionally, a 1/8" edge guard overlaps the paddle's face, ensuring its durability throughout a demanding season.

The GATORSTRIKE RPX8 CFS 16 Carbon Fiber Paddle delivers the anticipated combination of power and control. 

*Please note that actual grip sizes may vary by up to 1/8". 

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