How is pickleball played?

How is pickleball played?

Pickleball offers an accessible sport suitable for people of all ages that offers an engaging workout, making it one of the world's favorite pastimes due to its accessible rules and engaging gameplay - perfect both for newcomers as well as experienced athletes! But, How is pickleball played? As its popularity spreads further, its global appeal can only increase.

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The Basics of Pickleball: Gear Up for Fun!

Before hitting the court, let's cover some essentials:


  • Paddles: Pickleball paddles come in various materials, with composite paddles offering an ideal balance of power and control; carbon fiber paddles provide top performance - these materials can also be found among GatorStrike's selection of precision striker pickleball paddles as well as carbon pickleball paddles to find one to meet your game! 
  • Ball: Pickleball uses perforated plastic balls with less bounce compared to tennis balls.
  • Court: Measuring 44 feet long by 20 feet wide on an indoor court and featuring an adjusted 34-inch high net.


Pickleball can be enjoyed both singles or doubles; in singles matches each player occupies half the court, whereas doubles matches feature two players per team on opposite sides - teammates are strategically positioned as teammates on opposite ends of the court for doubles games. Furthermore, each court area is further subdivided into zones, with 7 feet on either side designated as non-volley zones, more commonly referred to as the "kitchen."

Learning Pickleball Essentials: Rules of the Game

Here are the core rules that govern the game:

  • Serving: Serves are generally underhand and diagonal, in which case the ball must be hit underhand towards a zone diagonal to yours on your opponent's court and hit in such a way as to bounce once between courts before any volleying can take place.
  • Volleying: When it comes to play, "kitchen rules" come into effect: Players cannot volley (hit the ball out of the air directly) within the non-volley zone but groundstrokes (hitting it after it bounces) are permitted in this kitchen zone.
  • Scoring: Pickleball uses side-out scoring, whereby if either team fails to return the ball as requested or commits a fault they win that point and claim victory in games that usually last 11 points with wins determined by two.

Gain Confidence on the Court: Skills and Strategies

Once you become more experienced on the court, you can start adding basic strokes such as groundstrokes and volleys while learning various serving strategies to give yourself a gameplay advantage.

Join the Pickleball Craze with Gatorstrike

Pickleball is an incredible sport that provides exercise, friendly competition, and pure enjoyment all rolled into one sport! Thanks to its accessible nature and simple rules, pickleball makes for the ideal activity to try for anyone seeking something fresh and new to occupy their free time.

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