What is the proper attire for playing pickleball?

What is the proper attire for playing pickleball?

Pickleball's popularity is on an incredible upswing - and for good reason! As an accessible sport, it offers an accessible workout suitable for people of all levels. But before hitting the court with your brand new GatorStrike precision striker pickleball paddle or carbon paddle let's discuss appropriate attire! What is the proper attire for playing pickleball?

Pickleball does not impose an official dress code like tennis does, which allows for more relaxed attire while prioritizing comfort and functionality to optimize both enjoyment and performance.

Freedom of Movement Is Key

When selecting apparel for pickleball, movement should always come first. Since you will be lunging and stretching quickly as well as changing directions rapidly, lightweight fabrics with loose-fitting designs that allow airflow are key. Moisture-wicking polyester or activewear blend fabrics draw sweat away from your skin to keep you cool and dry throughout a game; imagine trying to track a powerful volley while sweat drips into your eyes; not ideal! 

Top Choices for Your Pickleball Wardrobe 


  • Moisture-wicking T-shirts: An all-round versatile solution suitable for both men and women alike. 
  • Tank tops: These make great choices on hot summer days; just remember to apply sunscreen first if going outdoors to play! 
  • Polo shirts: These shirts offer stylish flair while maintaining breathability.
  • Long-sleeved options: When temperatures dip, opt for lightweight long-sleeved options made of breathable fabrics like linen. 


  • Athletic shorts: These offer light leg movement without restricting circulation.
  • Skorts: These provide comfort coupled with flowy style - the ideal combination.
  • Tennis skirts: Another ideal choice for women looking for freedom and an elegant style in one product. 
  • Breathable athletic sweatpants: These are great in cooler climates if crafted from lightweight fabric that won't restrict your movement. 

Don't forget the Extras!

  • Sun Protection: Assuming you will be outdoors playing games or exercising, sun protection in the form of a hat or visor should always be worn to shield both face and eyes from direct sun rays.
  • Footwear: Select court shoes that provide superior lateral support when playing pickleball for optimal play and optimal results. Pickleball requires lots of side-to-side shuffling action, so shoes that offer stability and prevent slipperiness are imperative - look no further than GatorStrike for the ideal pair to meet your needs! Check out our pickleball accessories!

Comfort Meets Performance

Pickleball apparel has come a long way since its early days; now there is an array of stylish activewear dresses and color-coordinated outfits that allow players to express their styles on the court while remaining relaxed and at ease during gameplay.

Final Thoughts 

So, What is the proper attire for playing pickleball? - Remember the most essential component is wearing something comfortable that allows free movement - this way you're free to focus on having fun while perfecting your pickleball skills! So grab your GatorStrike paddle or complete set and begin enjoying pickleball games today!

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