What is the difference between pickleball and padel?

What is the difference between pickleball and padel?

Have you heard the buzz surrounding pickleball and padel? These two racquet sports have quickly garnered international recognition, yet their similar names make them difficult to distinguish from each other. What is the difference between pickleball and padel? - This guide will clear away their key distinctions so you can select your perfect court companion!

Court Conquest: Size Matters 

Pickleball and Padel both share one thing in common - their courts! Pickleball takes place on an arena approximately half the size of a tennis court - perfect for reconfiguring existing tennis courts by adding pickleball lines - while Padel requires its dedicated court, usually enclosed by glass or mesh cage encasing tennis court; both require dedicated spaces!

Attire for Play: Paddles and Balls 

Pickleball paddles are significantly lighter and smaller than their tennis equivalents; featuring perforated plastic faces to promote controlled, slower-bouncing balls for controlled playback. Padel paddles resemble tennis rackets in that they boast solid faces for more powerful play; additionally, Padel uses depressurized tennis balls that create its unique bounce height!

Serving Up Rules: Underhand and Overhead

Serving is where it all starts! Pickleball uses an underhand serve with two bounces before commencing its volley; Padel provides more freedom, permitting both underhand and overhead serves - though only one bounce before commencing its volley before picking back up where pickleball left off.

Scoring Showdown: Games of Strategy 

Scoring systems vary significantly across sports. Pickleball draws inspiration from ping pong by awarding points in twos for winning sets that finish two points up; Padel on the other hand follows tennis by reaching certain point thresholds before possibly exceeding these points and earning advantage points as advantages surface during gameplay.

Popularity and Accessibility: Comparing Two Courts

Pickleball's adaptable courts and equipment make set-up quick and simple, leading to its widespread popularity. In comparison, Padel may appeal more due to its faster pace and technical style of play - although dedicated court requirements could present obstacles to participation.

Which Sport Is Right For Me?





Badminton-sized with tennis markings (adaptable)

Dedicated enclosed court with glass/mesh walls


Smaller, lighter, perforated plastic face

Solid-faced, similar to a tennis racket


Perforated plastic, slower bounce

Depressurized tennis ball, unique bounce


Underhand, double bounce rule

Overhand or underhand, one bounce rule


Similar to ping pong (win by two points)

Similar to tennis (games to advantage points)


More popular due to accessibility

Gaining popularity requires dedicated courts

Final Thoughts

Pickleball stands out for being an accessible sport ideal for casual players and social gatherings; Padel offers more technical challenges that suit those seeking faster-paced action. Your choice will ultimately depend on personal preferences and playing environment considerations.

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