What are common mistakes beginners make in pickleball?

What are common mistakes beginners make in pickleball?


Pickleball has taken the world by storm! All players can enjoy this easy and enjoyable paddle sport but beginners may even fall prey to some common mistakes. Players will ensure a more satisfying pickleball experience by understanding and avoiding such errors. So, What are common mistakes beginners make in pickleball?

Common Mistakes and How to Solve Them

Here are five mistakes beginners often make and how they can overcome them: 

Mistake 1: Focusing on Power

It can be tempting to focus solely on hitting hard; however, pickleball requires finesse over brute force - newcomers tend to hit too hard, leading them down the wrong path toward unforced errors and frustration.

  • Focus on Control and Consistency: Achieving excellence requires mastery of fundamentals. Practice making soft shots within bounds that stay on target to increase accuracy while setting your opponent up for winning plays.

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Mistake 2: Neglecting Footwork

Good footwork is at the core of good pickleball play. It allows for swift reactions and efficient shot acquisition; positioning yourself for success along the way.

  • Footwork Fuels Positioning and Shot Selection: Develop an agile footwork style. Practice shuffling side-to-side, lunging forward/backward, and stopping quickly when necessary - these movements will allow you to find your place on the court as you execute different shots with confidence.

Tip: GatorStrike offers various pickleball drills and resources online to help improve footwork! Also, check out our pickleball accessories!

Mistake 3: Kitchen Faults

Beginners often struggle with understanding the rules governing this area known as the kitchen! 

  • Understanding The Kitchen: Volleying (hitting the ball before it bounces) within the kitchen area (7 feet from the net). You also cannot serve and step into it (double fault).

Tip: Communication between players during doubles play is vital to prevent kitchen faults; before beginning rallies discuss who will take care of this area of responsibility during rallies. 

Mistake 4: Ignoring Strategy and Communication

Doubles pickleball requires teamwork and communication between teammates; newcomers to the sport tend to ignore these aspects, leading them down a path of confusion and missed opportunities.

  • Teamwork Is Key: Form an initial strategy with your partner by discussing positioning for forehands and backhands as well as who will take overhead shots. Communicate effectively to anticipate each other's movements and avoid making repeated hits at similar shots.

Mistake #5: Becoming Discouraged

Learning any sport takes time and dedication - don't feel defeated if it takes you longer to master pickleball than anticipated! Don't get disheartened when your skills don't develop quickly.

  • Focus on Improvement and Fun: Recognize your accomplishments no matter how small they may seem. Remember that pickleball is meant to be a social and enjoyable activity - have fun meeting new people while learning new skills - your skills will inevitably develop over time with practice!

Tip: Don't hesitate to seek guidance from more experienced players or enroll in pickleball lessons - many communities provide clinics and programs designed specifically for beginners.

Final Thoughts

What are common mistakes beginners make in pickleball? - By avoiding common errors and focusing on fundamentals, you will quickly progress toward becoming an accomplished and confident pickleball player. Remember, pickleball is open and fun for all; get yourself an affordable paddle from GatorStrike or one of our great sets and head out onto the court - have fun! 

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