How many people play pickleball?

How many people play pickleball?

Have you seen the rise of pickleball's popularity? Seemingly everywhere, courts are bustling with activity as this fast and entertaining paddle sport sweeps across America, drawing players of all ages and skill levels together for intense competition on courts across the nation. But just How many people play pickleball?

The Rise of a Paddling Powerhouse

Pickleball has its roots buried deep within debate; however, its existence dates back to at least the 1960s. Fusing elements from badminton, tennis, and table tennis into one sport - with its rules easily learned for beginners as well as doubles play creates a powerful sense of community that further adds its appeal.

Pickleball courts across the US reflect this surge in its popularity; according to Places2Play's database there are over 13,969 pickleball locations within US boundaries - and new courts continue to appear!

How Can We Assess Pickleball Participation: Regulars Vs Casual Players

Determining exactly who is out here swiping paddles on pickleball courts is often tricky due to different ways of measuring participation - which is where two key organizations come into play:

  • Sports & Fitness Industry Association: Each year, this association produces its annual report that highlights regular players. Their 2024 report revealed 13.6 million regular pickleballers across America!
  • Association of Pickleball Professionals: Their research encompasses people who played pickleball at least once over the past year - their 2023 report revealed a staggering 48.3 million adult Americans picked up paddles during this year!

These figures highlight the divide between regular and casual players of pickleball. While SFIA numbers give an accurate assessment of dedicated followership for any sport, APP figures reveal its broadening appeal that draws in newcomers to join its ranks. 

What Is Fueling Pickleball's Flame?

Pickleball's explosive growth can be attributed to various factors: 

  • Perfect for Socialization: It provides an exciting doubles game that encourages interaction and camaraderie on the court, creating a wonderful opportunity for socializing within your own family or introducing you to new people in your community.
  • Fitness for All: It provides an effective low-impact exercise solution suitable for people of all ages and abilities - keeping active without placing undue strain on joints or muscles.
  • Demographic Delight: Pickleball appeals to players of all ages and fitness levels. From young adults looking for competitive challenges to veterans seeking social and active activities as a form of relaxation - pickleball offers something suitable for everyone in its fold.
  • Accessibility: Pickleball's low barriers of entry make the sport easily accessible for players of all athletic abilities and backgrounds - making pickleball highly accessible!

Pickleball Has an Exciting Future 

Millions have discovered its joys already and more are likely to follow, suggesting pickleball's future looks promising. We can expect even more courts being built and participation rates increasing year on year.

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