Picking Out Pickleball Shoes That Offer Comfort, Support and Performance

Picking Out Pickleball Shoes That Offer Comfort, Support and Performance

Pickleball is an athletic game requiring agility, speed, and precise movements. Just as having the proper paddle can elevate your game, wearing shoes that offer comfort, support, and performance can improve it even further. Here is our comprehensive guide on selecting pickleball shoes so that your performance on court improves significantly!

Why Footwear Is Important

Pickleball requires rapid lateral movements, sprints and sudden stops that necessitate proper footwear in order to prevent injuries, provide necessary support and enhance performance. Here's what to watch out for when selecting pickleball shoes:


A shoe should fit securely while still leaving enough wiggle room for toe wriggling and heel slippage when walking or moving around.


When searching for shoes to keep your feet cool and dry during intense matches, look for those made with mesh uppers or other breathable materials to provide air circulation around the footbed and keep you breathing easier.


Adequate cushioning will absorb shock and lower joint impact. Select shoes with ample padding in their midsole and heel areas for optimal comfort.


Shoes designed to provide adequate support and cushioning should still provide lightweight benefits on the court, such as speed.


Arch Support: For maximum foot fatigue and comfort, appropriate arch support is crucial to foot health and should always be worn by those with flat feet, normal arches or high arches. Wear shoes tailored specifically to match the arch type you possess--whether that means flat feet, normal arches or high arches.

Ankle Support:

High-top or mid-top shoes provide more effective ankle support, decreasing your risk of sprains; however, low-top footwear might offer greater mobility if your ankles are strong.

Heel Stability:

For optimal balance during rapid direction changes, having an unmoving heel counter is crucial in order to avoid unnecessary movement of your foot from shifting around too much and maintaining stability during these changes.

Lateral Support:

Because pickleball involves side-to-side movements, shoes with reinforced sides or lateral support structures help stabilize and support your feet, helping avoid rolling.


Outsole Grip: 

To keep from slipping on indoor or outdoor courts, shoes with non-marking rubber soles that feature herringbone or multidirectional patterns such as herringbone patterns should provide adequate gripping power.


Shoes should provide an appropriate blend of flexibility and support, to allow natural foot movement that enables fast, agile moves on the court.


When looking at durability in shoes, take note of their materials and construction. Investing in high-grade materials with reinforced areas (like toe boxes) that can withstand frequent play will protect you against wear-and-tear.

Shock Absorption:

A shoe that provides superior shock absorption will protect both joints and muscles from repeated impacts when running or jumping, such as EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) cushioning technology or gel inserts.

Pickleball Shoes feature several specific features which distinguish them from others on the market.

While most tennis or court shoes may work for pickleball, certain features can prove particularly advantageous:

Toe Guard:

A sturdy toe guard protects against toe drag when reaching for low balls during pickleball games.

Wide Base

 A wider base provides increased stability during lateral movements, decreasing your chances of rolling your ankle and increasing stability during later movements.

Added Padding:

Some pickleball shoes offer additional padding around the collar and tongue for increased comfort and fit.

Popular Brands and Models in 2017

There are various brands offering shoes tailored specifically for pickleball or suitable for this sport, here are a few popular picks:

ASICS Gel-Rocket:

Recognized for their exceptional cushioning and stability properties, making these sneakers popular among pickleballers.

K-Swiss Express Light:

 These shoes provide excellent support, durability and a snug, yet comfortable fit, ideal for both newcomers and experienced players alike.

New Balance 896v3:

A lightweight sneaker featuring low-to-the-ground comfort for maximum traction and stability during quick movements.

Nike Air Zoom Vapor X:

These shoes provide breathability, support, and durability - an ideal combination for serious players looking for comfortable yet secure footwear.

How to Find the Ideal Pair

Try Before You Buy:

 To find your ideal pair, it is advisable to try on multiple pairs in order to determine their proper fit. Walk around, simulate pickleball movements, and monitor any discomfort felt from wearing pickleball shoes.

Read Reviews: 

When researching pickleball shoes, be sure to seek reviews from fellow pickleball players as these can offer insight into its performance and durability on court.

Consider Your Playing Style:

Players who rely heavily on sudden movements should prioritize support and stability while those reliant on speed could opt for lighter shoes.


Although higher-priced shoes often boast advanced features and durability, there are numerous cost-effective models which deliver outstanding performance.


 Selecting appropriate pickleball shoes is an integral step toward improving performance and preventing injuries on the court. As with any purchase decision, comfort, support, and performance features should come before anything else when looking for shoes to best fit your playing style and foot type. With the proper pair of footwear on, you will move more confidently and comfortably on court - giving yourself an advantage against opponents! Happy playing!

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